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I love role play and am constantly learning and adding to my repertoire. This is a genuine passion; something I excel at because I’m having fun. In the not too distant past, I’ve been a sadistic nun, a perverted psychiatrist, a bashful secretary, a manipulative boss, a saucy schoolgirl, a strict librarian, a cult leader, a naïve photographic model, a twisted stepmother, a naughty maid, a prisoner of war, a policewoman and Batgirl.

I’ve created elaborate, many-session scenes with role play aficionados and, conversely, played with newbies for whom the delights of role play are just beginning. In either case, I’m able to immerse both (or all) participants in the scene and keep things at the level required, be that light and playful or edgy and intense.

Role play allows us to step outside our normal inhibitions and become someone else, and this is liberating. Creating a fantasy scenario, within which sexual acts take place, heightens excitement and adds a layer of psychological frisson. I particularly enjoy scenarios based on power play, with the intense sexual dynamic that creates.

My imagination is a deep well and I’m happy to work on a scenario that pushes all your buttons. I’m a switch, so I can either take the lead or play submissive. Key will be our discussion beforehand, in which we agree on a scenario and clearly lay out our sexual and psychological boundaries.

If you’ve never done role play before, don’t worry. This is about having fun and I’m happy to guide you through things with a smile. For people who say, “I don’t think I could get into it,” just give it a try! My acting skills and imagination will open new horizons in your sexual landscape.

I’ll be blogging some of my favourite role plays below.

What is role play?

So you’re new to role play? Perfect. As much as I love playing with aficionados, introducing people to my favourite activity is a special treat. And you are not alone. I see many clients who tell me they’re intrigued but inexperienced. Seeing an independent escort is [...]

The Photographer

If you're after a kinky threesome with one of my playmates, I have a million ideas for role plays we could get lost in together. As you've probably sussed, I love power play and this story incorporates a switch from dominance to submission. In this scenario, [...]

The Sex Robot: Part One

She was my lover, my plaything, and, for a while, my obsession. Long sandy-brown hair, taut skin like silk, breasts like teardrops, hazel eyes. Perfection. I'd think about her all day, drift off into daydreams as the hours ticked by until I could see her again. Then, [...]

The Schoolgirl

This is a perennial classic, something I’m asked for time and time again. It’s worth noting again here that there may well be themes that you or I don’t want to explore but, within a role-play, which will always be discussed beforehand and within which boundaries have [...]

The Confession

(Kinky nuns are a BDSM staple and with good reason. Prepare to meet Sister Elizabeth. Her methods are unorthodox but you will submit or face eternal damnation.) At the sound of her footfall, his body tenses. It’s a reflex, his muscles tightening in expectation. He’s heard the [...]

The Vampire: Ecstasy

It's been a long day and it's dark as he walks home. He walks slowly because it's beautiful. A huge yellow moon, the rustle of leaves, laughter in the distance, the distant roar of cars like the crashing of an ocean. He leans over the bridge to [...]

The Job Interview

We're half way through the interview when I first sense that something is wrong. Until now, it's been standard. Formulaic questions, simple answers. But then I catch a flicker of something in his face and it makes me uneasy. I'm sensitive to atmospheres and this one – [...]

Watching Her…

(What I've written you this week is less of role play – unless you're super brave! – and more a ghost story. It was inspired by a favourite picture from my latest shoot. The themes here are voyeurism and masturbation. Enjoy!) Scattered shards of sunlight dagger their [...]

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