These are strange times. We’re trapped in our homes, physical adventures out of reach but wishing badly for the excitement of a steamy date, remembering in awe the ease with which we met and played just a few weeks ago. For now, this is the deal, but let’s not live without flirtation and sexual connection. I’ve been dreaming up ways of staying in touch.

I love writing and, as I wait at home for our eventual meeting, let’s get to know each other like old-fashioned lovers, word by word, sentence by sentence, building up our knowledge of each other until – one day – we meet (again?) in the flesh. Be it through long, dreamy epistles or short, sexy notes, let’s begin a long distance liaison, lover!

The true romantic

Receive three personalised emails per week. Our correspondence can be shaped by your mood (or let me surprise you!). I’m happy to talk about anything you like. We can chat about our day or we can put the world to rights, we can keep it flirty or delve deep into our smuttiest fantasies. I’ll keep you entertained, positive and turned on through this surreal time.

Once a week, I’ll include an exclusive nude.

A one night stand

A one-off exchange in which you tell me your fantasies and I write them into a personalised, erotic story just for you. I am unshockable and love the unusual and the kinky. Tell me your dreams and I’ll write you something unforgettable. You can get a taste of my stories here.

Role play immersion

Between us, we’ll create a fantasy so deep and dirty you’ll be plunged into a parallel universe. Will you be a government agent with powers to demand I tell you EVERY impure thought and act in which I’ve engaged? Will I be your boss, gradually seducing you and then detailing your new sexual duties? Perhaps we’ll imagine into existence a cellar full of sexual playthings, chained to the wall, kept in darkness for our sexual pleasure. Or maybe we’re simply lovers, relaying our building desire for each other as the date of our eventual meeting draws closer.

This will involve three email exchanges, one fifteen-minute phone call and a weekly nude taken just for you.

Pillow talk

Three fifteen-minute phone calls a week accompanied by a nude (I would hate for you to forget what I look like!) I’ll tell you what I’d be doing to you, right now, were we together. I’ll tell you how I’m touching myself, sitting in front of a mirror as I trace my fingers down my body. We will escape together.