The Girlfriend Experience

I love an intimate encounter, whether it’s wild and raunchy or sweet and sensuous. Girlfriend experience will include as much time socialising and as much erotic time as you wish. I’m committed to making this a wonderful experience for you.

Longer encounters give us time to get to know each other and build up the intensity. Perhaps dinner and drinks before retreating to a hotel where I will strip to beautiful lingerie and prepare to blow your mind.

I’m keen on communication and honesty and like to find out as much about your desires as possible, preferably before we meet. Please feel free to share your fantasies with me, or ask me to suggest some, so that our time together will be everything you’ve dreamed of.

As an independent and open-minded escort, I enjoy mutual exploration of all kinds. If you’re wondering, just ask.

The Date

We meet in a bar. Your girlfriend for the night, I slide onto the seat next to yours, my black dress skimming my curves, sparkling eyes. As we talk, the tension builds. We want the same thing. Under the table, my leg brushes yours and the look I give you makes your heart beat faster. When we reach my flat, candlelight flickers, toys are laid out beside a four-poster bed. I kiss you and pull you towards me, my fingers are on the back of your neck. My dress falls away and I am naked but for a shimmer of lace. Your hands are on me and I am yours. This is our time, nothing exists but the moment.