So you’re new to role play? Perfect. As much as I love playing with aficionados, introducing people to my favourite activity is a special treat. And you are not alone. I see many clients who tell me they’re intrigued but inexperienced. Seeing an independent escort is a good place to start exploring kink in general and, if it’s role play you’re after, you’ve come to the right place.

As you’ve probably gathered, role play is my thing. I love it! The drama, the added layer of sexual tension, the excuse for everyone involved to do things they’d never quite dare if they weren’t being someone else. It’s BDSM-meets-play-acting and it’s off-the-scale hot.

Planning a role play

As with all sexual play, communication is key. Talking about your wishes can be difficult (even, on occasion, for professionals, believe me!) but it does get easier and the quality of your experience will go up exponentially every time you manage to make explicit something you’ve always wanted to try. Email me, arrange a phone chat or wait until we meet, but do ask.

I’ll be up-front about my likes and dislikes before we begin and you’ll get the chance to do the same.

Power play

For me, power exchange is at the heart of good role play. The wrongness of sexualising an unequal power dynamic – boss,secretary; student, teacher; prisoner, guard – adds an element of (consensual) fear and danger that is incredibility exciting and the possibilities for dominance and submission are vast.

As the person in charge, you can flex your dominance in a way you’d never dare outside the character you’re playing. Being in control of another person and allowed to use them for your own gratification is immensely satisfying. Likewise playing the subordinate role, ‘forced’ to do things against your will. The feeling of helplessness and submission is enhanced by playing a character.

Taboo role play

For the most part, I’m happy to act out any scenario you desire. By nature, role play is about exploring dynamics which would be immensely problematic, if not downright abusive, if they happened in real life. What makes it OK in this context is consent. I’m comfortable with age play, with consensual non-consent and with storylines involving pre-agreed on, boundaried aggression. I’m not able to offer race play.


Boss/ secretary

Your secretary has asked for a meeting. She arrives looking smart and business-like but, even in her crisp white shirt and pencil skirt, her body is impossible to ignore. You’re not paying much attention to what she says – she’s only a secretary – but then you realise she’s showing you something on her laptop. She’s caught you lying to investors. There would be scandal, prison even, if she showed this to anyone. Suddenly, you realise she has the upper hand. “We can work this out between us,” she says. You notice the rope on the table, the look in her eye. You are nervous but what can you do but comply? “Only a secretary,” she smirks as she tells you to strip.

Student/ teacher

Your student is late again. Her essay is terrible. “Can you give me one reason why I should keep you on the course?” you ask. She stumbles through a few excuses but none of them impress you and she knows it. She crosses her legs and her skirt rides up over her thighs. You realise she is wearing stockings and you can’t stop staring at the pale, smooth flesh above them. You imagine touching it. “Is there any other way I could convince you?” she asks. You stand up and walk over to her, rest your hand on her shoulder then let it slip down to cover her breast. She uncrosses her legs and you pull up her skirt. “Bend over the desk,” you tell her and she obeys.