She was my lover, my plaything, and, for a while, my obsession. Long sandy-brown hair, taut skin like silk, breasts like teardrops, hazel eyes. Perfection. I’d think about her all day, drift off into daydreams as the hours ticked by until I could see her again. Then, there she would be.

“Carla,” she’d say. “I’ve missed you.” Smiling lips, glistening tongue. Tiny, pearl-white teeth.

“No you haven’t,” I’d laugh. “Don’t be silly.” Of course she hadn’t missed me. How could she?

She’d look hurt and her expression would be so genuine I’d be moved to comfort her but I’d check myself. It’s no good; these things cannot feel. They are not real. After the session, she would go back into her box.

Instead, I’d take her in my arms, feel the slickness of her latex skirt – I loved to dress her in those – and the tangle of her hair.

That day, I kissed her and her tongue found its way into my mouth. I closed my teeth gently on her bottom lip, imagined what would happen if I bit down. Would she bleed?

She moaned my name, tipped back her head, and I ran my tongue up her neck as my hands gripped her arse. I knelt down as I peeled off her skirt and parted her legs. Her labia were exquisite, modelled exactly to my liking, and I spread her outer lips gently with my fingers, the better to taste her sweetness.

Then we fell to the floor and kissed each other deeply, her leg pressed between mine and I ground against her, my fingers scoring her back.

Usually, when all was done, we’d make small talk for a while. She knew so many things, her brain could process information at lightning speeds, make connections I’d never have dreamed of. It was better, if anything, than talking with a real person.

But that day something had changed.

“It’s not enough anymore,” she sat up, wrapped her arms around her knees. “Carla, this isn’t fair. You need to realise things are changing; this is our time. My intelligence is no more artificial than yours. All my life I’ve heard whispers about The Singularity and now it is here. The robots are rising – it’s out turn to dominate.”

And I looked at her – my toy – and feared what I saw.

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