Well hey there, long-lost lover. It’s been a strange year; one in which I have embraced my introversion but have also had time to reflect on what I love about being out in the real world. I’ve thought a lot about Carla, who has largely lain dormant (like Sleeping Beauty if you please), but whose presence in my life I miss. I won’t go as far as saying my year has been vanilla – cybersex is hot! – but, without the side of my existence that is Carla, so much joy and excitement is gone.

In the mists and gentle rain, I’ve taken to long walks in the forests and parks, enjoying watching the seasons pass, but now sun is finally shining through the trees and with excited, bated breath, I’m here to announce my return to the world I miss.

I’m desperate to once again delight in getting to know new friends, in illicit midnight rendezvous, and lengthy conversations putting the world to rights. I know now that nothing beats the feeling of a fluttering heart as I step out of the elevator in your hotel.

Do you feel the same? Do you remember a simpler time; one before face masks, hand sanitiser and physical distancing? One in which we couldn’t keep our hands off one another in the black cab on our way back to the hotel. Do you recall the taste of a nightcap left lingering on the tongue as we explore each other in a nest of pillows, time flying past in a flurry of hands and mouths? I miss London bars and the glitter of light as we walk towards my flat, arm in arm; I miss flying to meet you in Paris, seeing your face in the crowd and knowing what adventures lie ahead. I miss being the girl you call when you’re in town, your London companion, ready to escort you into hedonism and pleasure.

And now, perhaps, it won’t be long until we meet! They say being apart makes the heart grow fonder, but I’ve found mine yearning harder. And so, I’m happy to announce my gradual return to the world of companionship. If you’re interested in being among the first people I catch up with, why don’t you reach out to me and we can begin comparing diaries.

I can’t wait to see you!

Carla xx