The Experience

I’ve never been one for conventions; my passions are too strong, my need for exploration too keen and my lack of respect for outdated social mores too absolute. It was inevitable, perhaps, that I would find my way to this world; to being a kinky, independent escort with a penchant for excitement. Here, where the adventurous are rewarded and experiences are to be savoured, I have found a space for the joyous, vivid connections I crave. Perhaps you feel the same?

To be drawn here, I imagine you share my feeling that life is fleeting and precious. Like me, you have a strong work ethic and thrive on achievement, but you know there is more. When was the last time you stood by the Thames at night and watched the lights of London glitter on the water, a lover’s hand grazing your neck, her whispers in your ear? When did you last feel free to express your deepest sexual desires and find them met with understanding, knowing a long-hidden BDSM fantasy was about to be realised? Within the time we will carve out together, all is possible. Far from the preconceptions about booking an independent escort, I believe deep authenticity is possible within these boundaried relationships.

The Woman

It’s so hard to convey a personality in words, and I imagine you are keen to get a sense of mine. Do I sound serious? I’m not! Undoubtedly mature and confident, I am nonetheless enduringly playful. I value laughter as deeply as cerebral connection and serious discussion. Life throws us all many challenges; when the chance for fun arises, it must be taken! It took me a while to decide I could call myself a mature escort for this very reason – I frequently feel too young-at-heart.

In my past, I’ve travelled extensively, worked in professional settings and lived all over the world. I’m confident and grounded, with (wild!) tales to tell and experience to share. I enjoy luxury – who doesn’t? – but I’m equally happy on a picnic blanket with cheese, wine and the wind in my hair. I love being outdoors, swimming, hiking or letting the sand run between our toes. Likewise, I’m in my element in a cocktail dress sipping drinks in the bar of a five-star hotel or taking our time over a tasting menu in your favourite London restaurant.

As Carla, I am highly selective about those I spend time with. I became an independent escort because I value the opportunity to explore, both sexually and in the wider world; I am looking for lovers who share my tastes. Whether we meet for an evening or a week, I’d like to plan something special, create a memory to which we will both return with pleasure. I image you will be mature and smart, with a wicked twinkle in your eye and a well of kinky desire into which you are ready to plunge. I can’t wait to meet you!

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